Traveling Dog Lady: November 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From - Dog Whisperer's Tips for the 5 Most Common Canine Misbehaviors


Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan tackles the five most common issues faced by dog owners in the fifth edition of his Mastering Leadership DVD series, Common Canine Misbehaviors. Here are a few tips for each of these problems:

5.) Aggression towards other dogs – Watch your temper! If you are tense, frustrated, or angry, your dog will mirror that energy right back at you, so it's especially important to remain calm when dealing with an aggressive dog. But remember, always put your safety first! Seek the help of a professional to deal with this potentially dangerous issue.

4.) Overexcitement or hyperactivity – Overexcited or hyperactive dogs are not being challenged enough. Most often, they just require more exercise! Find a new activity to try with your dog – hiking, swimming, agility courses – or step up your current walk routine. Dogs require at least 30 minutes of a structured walk every day. Talk to your vet about how much exercise your dog can safely handle.

3.) Barking while the owner is away – This is most often a symptom of separation anxiety. You can help your dog to relax by communicating that being apart is no big deal. Instead of showering your dog with affection, practice no touch, no talk, and no eye contact for at least five minutes when entering or leaving your home.

2.) Barking at a specific stimulus – Take time to simulate the cause of the barking, and practice correcting your dog. If it’s the doorbell that sets your dog off, ring it when no one is coming over, so you can stay focused on the task at hand: helping your dog overcome this unwanted behavior.

1.) Problems on the walk - A canine pack leader leads, and so should you! Your dog should always be next to you or behind you, never out in front. Make sure you are the first one out the door and the first one to come back in.

Watch Cesar demonstrate these tips and more in his new DVD Common Canine Misbehaviors available at

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Biggest Loser" Jillian Michaels gets a visit from Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan

Dog Whisperer: Seven, Sara, and Madeliene
Friday, November 6, at 9P ET/PT (World Premiere)

Life coach and "Biggest Loser" fitness trainer Jillian Michaels whips contestants into shape, but when it comes to 14-month-old greyhound mix Seven, she is at a loss. When Jillian mounts her 2,000-pound horse Buzz, the 16-pound Seven barks incessantly and tries to nip him. Jillian is afraid Seven will get hurt or even killed by Buzz and hopes Cesar can ride in to save the day. Then meet Austin and Karrie's "Hairy Houdini" of a dog, a German shorthaired pointer named Sara with a knack for getting away. She has escaped the sturdiest of crates, their home, and has even ended up on the neighbor's roof. Can Cesar put an end to Sara's disappearing acts? Finally, Brittany's 3-year-old Yorkie, Madeliene has a strange aversion to the household broom and car windshield wipers. Whenever someone reaches for the broom, she starts growling; if the windshield wipers are on in the car, Madeliene attacks with all of her might, thrashing to get to them through the glass. Can Cesar stop this Yorkie from driving Brittany crazy?