Traveling Dog Lady: November 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Puppies' 3rd birthday photos #WordlessWednesday

 We had a great time at our third annual puppy birthday reunion in Gloucester, Mass. last weekend!  The "Kate Plus Eight" litter all reunited, except for three who live too far away or were otherwise engaged.  We missed Simon, Ralphie and of course, Charlie's exact twin, Copper (not to be confused with Cooper!).  The remaining five siblings got together, and we even met Franklin for the first time!  Mama dog Kate was there, and of course foster-sister Bella and step-sister Tina!  Oh yeah, and all those humans.

Merci beaucoup to my friend Myriam who took some fantastic photos!  (Click on the individual photos to make them HUGE!)

All 5 siblings are in this picture - Franklin (black dog); Molly (way in the back); Tess (with ball); Cooper and Charlie.
I can't tell them apart!  That's Tess!
As always, Cooper had to claim the ball immediately upon arrival!
Sister Tess is saying, "Hey! Gimme back my ball!"
"I'll just go over HERE with it, instead!"

The elusive Molly!  She couldn't resist meeting the little puppy and that's how we got a picture!

Beautiful mama-dog, Kate, pretty in pink!

Charlie Brown and mama Kate have the same profile.

We finally met brother Franklin!  Yes, he is from the same litter!

Beautiful foster-sister (or "aunt") Bella!!

Coop very happy with his ball on the beach!

Step-sister, Tina, is the only one who swims!

Can't get enough of Cooper and his ball!!  Three legs on all those rocks!

Charlie Brown happy to be on the beach.

Charlie begging from foster mom, Kathy N.

Gorgeous sister, Tess finally got her ball back.  You have to look several times to be able to tell the dogs apart.

Franklin is literally the black sheep of the family, but as tall as his brothers and has the same facial features.

Mama Kate and foster mom Kathy - the two responsible for all this!


Tess ... who's who???

Beautiful Bella!!!

Kathy with Bella, Franklin and camera-shy sister Molly down in front sticking out her tongue!

Charlie Brown wants in on the action!

Gorgeous mama Kate!