Traveling Dog Lady: June 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thanks for the shout out, Pooch Smooches and Just4MyPet!

Jackie Bouchard, of Pooch Smooches fame (she wrote "What The Dog Ate" and blogs about her wonderful pooch, Rita on a daily basis), gave me a shout out in yesterday's blog post.  I had suggested she check out Jimmy Fallon's rendition of "Whip My Hair Back and Forth", in response to her blog posting "I Whip My Ears Back and Forth"  (and honestly, if you have not seen Fallon's performance, with special guest Bruce Springsteen as "himself in the 1970s" you will LOVE it!)

Here's Jackie's blog including the shout out to k2k9:

And Just4MyPet sent out this morning's email blast featuring Hobie as their pet of the day!
Here's what Just4MyPet had to say about Hobie (ok, they got it slightly wrong, but that's ok).  And the picture of Hobie they used is below.

"Featured Pet of the Day Hobie is 13 1/2 years old, and has accompanied his mom, Kathy of North 

Eastham, MA, to work for his whole life. Because of their short commute Hobie is able to walk to work."

Blogger's note: Hobie was able to walk to work with me years ago, but we didn't do it very often.  He certainly can't do it anymore, with his arthritis and other medical issues :(   It's 3.9 miles and huge San Francisco-type hills.  But we can dream, and remember the good old days when we walked 8-plus miles a day.  I need to get back to that, with Charlie Brown!

Thanks again for the shout outs!