Traveling Dog Lady: 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dog Whisperer week begins December 28th!!

Tune in to National Geographic Channel for Dog Whisperer week, beginning December 28th!

Check your local listings!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

central Massachusetts ice storm

Storm damage, Spencer MA
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sessions With Cesar, a great holiday gift!

Finally a chance for the average person to learn from Cesar Millan, without having to audition for the Dog Whisperer TV show, or live in southern California!

It's Sessions With Cesar, the interactive online coaching course available from Cesar Millan for the first time, ever.

Sessions With Cesar. Login, enroll (for a low monthly fee), choose your dog's behavior problem, and you're ready to go. The course consists of tutorials, audio clips from Cesar, and video clips where you can see exactly how Cesar works his magic with dogs.
After completing each section of the course work (at your own pace), you take a brief quiz. It's that easy, and it's fun! As a special added feature, Cesar's Pack is an online community forum where you can ask questions and communicate with other dog lovers. Cesar's Ambassadors are also there to help guide you through the course and try to answer your dog behavior questions.

For more information, go to

Sessions With Cesar makes a great holiday gift for that "dog person" in your life!


Sessions With Cesar Ambassador
Cesar Millan Inc Ambassador

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cesar Millan seminar in Atlanta December 6, 2008

Fellow Dog Lover!

If you are a dog owner or just love dogs, I hope you will take a moment and share this wonderful opportunity with your friends, families, co-workers and in and around your communities.

As a Cesar Millan Ambassador, I am proud to be able to share the opportunity for you to see Cesar Millan, LIVE! As you may know, Cesar's Way has swept this nation empowering dog owners the knowledge to rehabilitate their own dogs behavior issues instead of surrendering them to shelters and rescues, where many would have ended up losing their lives!

I ask that you help save even more lives by posting the attached information to your website, put up flyers in local businesses and around your communities, and share it through emails! And don't forget to purchase tickets for yourself, as well!

Working together, we can change the way the world treats animals and live healthy, happy and balanced lives with our dogs!

Cesar Millan, LIVE!
National Geographic's, The Dog Whisperer
December 6, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kathleen S. Mueller, Ambassador

Cesar Millan, Inc.

"Exercise, discipline and then affection. In that order."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cesar Millan's new book: "A Member of the Family"

I received Cesar Millan's third book, "A Member of the Family" today. I have both of Cesar's other books, and figured by the third book it probably wouldn't be so great. Boy, was I mistaken!

I turned randomly to the chapter written by Ilusion Wilson Millan, Cesar's beautiful wife. I was instantly hooked, and could not put this book down. I then turned to the chapter Cesar wrote about his beloved sidekick, Daddy, the greatest representative of Pit Bull known to man.

I know there are a lot of people whom I call "anti-Cesareans". These are people who dislike Cesar Millan because a) he doesn't have a degree and b) they (erroneously) believe he is cruel to dogs and c) they (erroneously) believe he is an illegal immigrant. For those anti-Cesareans, I have a message for you. READ THIS BOOK. You will find out about a man who has a deep and abiding love for dogs of all kinds, his family, his friends, and all human beings. Millan is a true specimen of humanity. The definition of "a good guy".

After reading this book, there should be no doubt in ANYONE's mind that Cesar is uniquely qualified to work with problematic dogs as perhaps no one else in popular culture today. But what is most remarkable is his open-arms approach to other dog behaviorists (some of whom have degrees, some who may not), and his understanding that there is room enough in this crazy world of ours for everyone. There is time and space for every method of interaction with canines, as long as it does NOT harm the dog. That is what Cesar Millan stands for.

I cannot stress enough (and for the bazillionth time!) Cesar Millan is not a dog trainer. He understands canine behavior and "what makes a dog tick" (pun, sorry) based on a lifetime of living with, and LOVING dogs (and humans alike).

Do not pass "GO". Get this book, now! I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

And for those anti-Cesareans: life is too short. Stop being so petty and give this guy a chance. If he were standing in a room with you, he would give YOU a chance, of that I am positive.

Happy tails.
K.S. Mueller

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Anemia - the often undiagnosed epidemic

I generally reserve this blog for dog-related or other non-medical stuff, and use the Fibro-Fog Chronicles to post about medical info. But this topic is important enough to broadcast more widely, so I'm posting it on both blogs.

Women: please! Get yourselves checked for anemia. This is an often easy-to-treat problem, and incredibly easy to diagnose. However, this epidemic (as some experts believe) is often overlooked and undiagnosed, with perhaps millions of women being told "it's all in your head" or "there's nothing wrong with you". There is no excuse for this. Doctors: please! when a woman comes to you with annoying symptoms do not "diss" her -- test her for anemia, and then educate yourself on the symptoms of anemia.

I was told that my symptoms were NOT from my hereditary anemia by several doctors. Guess what, that is not true! All of my symptoms are from anemia. Every single one of them. Yet not even the hematologist nor the neurologist nor the rheumatologist suggested anything of the kind. It was simply "No" (from the hematologist) and "there's nothing wrong with you" from the others. Do not let this happen to you! Get yourself tested, and educate yourself on anemia. Below are some links to help you get started. Check out Wikipedia as well.

I found this web site This non-profit organization was created by medical professionals who see anemia as a huge epidemic in the United States and want to bring this fact to the attention of the medical establishment, ordinary physicians, and citizens in general. They estimate that 3.4 million people have been diagnosed with anemia (in one form or another), but that this estimate is low, and that anemia is much more serious of a health concern than people realize.

Anemia is often UNDIAGNOSED, even though a simple, routine blood test can detect anemia very easily.

As you can imagine, since I have been diagnosed with a hereditary form of hemolytic anemia, I am on my latest crusade! I totally agree with these folks that anemia is seriously under-diagnosed. In fact, perhaps my journey of the last 5 years would have been significantly shortened had any one doctor taken the time to learn that the symptoms I am experiencing ARE symptoms of anemia (contrary to what they all told me).

I hope to be able to invove myself in this organization somehow, and am planning to write a letter to their executive director.

In the meantime, here are some links you may find interesting:


Monday, March 10, 2008

Jimmy Buffett wannabe? (or, sunset at the equator)

My luggage has still not arrived. Tobago story. That's what we call a mishap that is SO TYPICAL of Tobago. A beautiful island, but you can't get ANYTHING DONE around here without hitting beaurocracy and laziness in the extreme.

Anyway, when we go out to the store, etc. I have to wear Gil's clothes.

Here's a very attractive photo of me making a lame attempt at imitating Jimmy Buffett, or so it would seem.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Easy-Walk Harness by Gentle Leader Company

I just bought two "Easy-Walk Harnesses" made by the people who make Gentle Leader. I had read about the harnesses in a magazine. I went to Target today, and I was just looking at pet supplies like I always do, and they had them, so I bought two of them. Well, lemme tell you, these things are AMAZING! The leash hooks onto the front of the harness at the dog's chest. It automatically makes the dog walk behind you. Then, if the dog does try to pull, you give a tug to the side "a la Cesar" and the dog (supposedly) stops pulling. I haven't tried that part yet. I just put the harnesses on, fit them to each dog, and then we walked around the living room and kitchen. I would have tried to go outside, but the road is all ice and I'm really tired from being in Boston and driving all day. So, I will try them out tomorrow for real, outside (during the Super Bowl lolol). If this works, I will be able to walk my dogs together again with no panic attack!!!! I'm so excited!

And later....

I walked the dogs across the other side of the lake and back today with the new harnesses and it was WONDERFUL!!! ! Hector didn't know what to think LOL It threw him for a loop! I felt SO confident. It will be interesting to see what happens when we encounter a strange dog or cat.

And the next day....

Yay!! Just got back from walk number 2 with the new harnesses. What a DREAM! Whomever invented this thing was a genius. It's way better than the Illusion Collar (sorry Cesar!), and runs circles around other harnesses (literally lol). Hector just walked right by my side the whole time. The leash was loose "briefcase style" like Cesar demonstrates. This time we went on our usual route, only it is a big hill and extremely icy (all that melted stuff from yesterday froze overnight), so I got a little panicked about that and made the dogs turn around because I didn't want to fall on the ice just from being a klutz lol. They didn't pull at all. I think Hobie is mad because he can't do his little "back out of it" routine like he tries with most collars lol. And I'm so happy because I don't feel like I'm choking the life out of my dogs by having collars on them "show-dog style". I think this thing is amazing. So far, so good. I'll keep ya posted!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Altenburg family members

If anyone from the Altenburg legacy happens to stop by this blog, I am looking for any relatives who may be diagnosed with one of the porphyrias: AIP, HCP, VP, etc.

Our family is from Cook County, Illinois and parts of Wisconsin. My mother is "Mook" Altenburg, her parents were Ernest and Lucille.

If you are one of my cousins or their offspring, and think you may have information regarding a family medical history of porphyria, please contact me privately by email at

I'd also like to connect with Altenburg cousins anyway!! lol

All the best,


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Millennium Dog!

Hobie the Y2K K9 turns eight years old today.

Here is a fun video of Hobie listening to wolves howling on CD.

Friday, January 4, 2008

All-new Dog Whisperer tonight!

Dog Whisperer's regular season resumes tonight after the holiday marathon break.
Don't miss it! Sounds like a good episode! 8 pm eastern, repeated at 11 pm.

Don't forget to watch the new show about dogs immediately following Dog Whisperer at 9 pm eastern, repeated at midnight.

Happy trails!