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May/June 2013 EDOA Newsletter

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Interview with Norwich, CT Bulletin regarding Bon Jovi concert

Cesar & Junior Rock Rhode Island -- from
Cesar and Junior Rock Rhode Island
Cesar Millan packed the Providence Performing Arts Center Saturday night when he and Junior continued their North American speaking tour. As reviewed by the Worcester Pets Examiner, Cesar brought his message of calm-assertiveness to an appreciative crowd, as he taught the difference between being a pack leader and dog trainer.
Reporter Kathleen Mueller described the evening:
“The audience roared with laughter for most of the night. Who knew the guy, as misunderstood as the hundreds of Pit Bulls and other powerful-breed dogs whose lives he has saved, had such a gift for comedy? Throughout the comedic bits were infused highly-educational lessons about how a human can become a responsible dog lover. He never used the word “owner”, but instead “dog lover”. Very fitting, for Cesar himself can only be described as a dog lover.”
“Cesar isn’t a dog trainer. He trains people. His dream, when he came to the U.S., he explained during the show, was to become the world’s most famous dog trainer. His first few clients in the U.S. showed him that the dogs were not the problem, the humans were, and he set his sights on training people to become responsible, calm, pack leaders.”
The audience left with smiles on their faces and lots of Cesar’s insights and lessons to apply when leading their own packs. Cesar and Junior are continuing to travel across the country and hope to meet more dog lovers. Check these dates for when they’re coming to a city near you.
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