Traveling Dog Lady: January 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Live Well & Prospurr, with Morris the Cat #Giveaway

If you ask me, there's one thing in the world that there's just too little of, and it's not love. I'm talking about  S-L-E-E-P. I'm always trying to get more of it and make the most out of what little time I do get. 

So I had a thought... why not ask someone who's truly an expert on the subject; someone who spends more time snoozing than most of us spend at work? I'm talking, of course, about Morris the Cat. 

For those of you who don't know him – or who've let sleep deprivation cloud your memory – Morris is the iconic spokescat for 9Lives cat food and has starred in over 50 commercials. When he's not in front of the camera or chowing down on 9Lives, you can bet he's napping in his trailer, ahem carrying case.

He's taken time out of his busy schedule to answer some reader questions about the very im-purr-tant issue of sleep. What's more, he's offering fans the chance to win a Morris-shaped, human-sized plush bed AND a year's supply of 9Lives cat food. Just go to his Live Well & Prospurr website [] to enter.

Dear Morris,

I've been experiencing difficulties with falling asleep, tossing and turning once my head hits the pillow. I don't get it because I feel tired all day at work; then I come home, brush my teeth, flip on the TV, and just... lie there. I'm hoping I can learn from the expert. Morris, what am I doing wrong?


Sleepless in San Fur-nando

Dear Sleepless in San Fur-nando,

Your case, unfortunately, is not at all uncommon. When you're going all day long at the speed of a cheetah, it's no wonder your mind darts around like a red laser dot at bedtime. Luckily, as a cat, I spend up to 140 hours per week sleeping and I can tell you there is hope! For starters, I notice you mentioned turning on the TV before bed. Cats don't watch TV – this is partly because the majority of us can't speak English that well, but mostly because it interferes with our snooze time. Scientifically speaking, the 'glow' emitted by an electronic screen enters the brain and slows the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps us sleep. So next time you want to turn on the tube before bed, try counting sheep instead – or better yet, mice!

Kitty hugs,

There you have it! After getting a good night's rest, tune back in for the next edition of "Dear Morris" and don't forget to check out his Live Well & Prospurr website [] to enter the giveaway and learn how you can help Morris feed hungry kitties with just the click of a mouse.

This is a sponsored post from 9 Lives.  I received product compensation for my cats in exchange for writing this post.  
However, k2k9 only writes posts for products we already use!  

Monday, January 25, 2016

Meow Mix and the 2016 #CatsMeowAwards

2016 Cat Oscars: Meow Mix Announces the Year's Best Internet Cat Moments

Award show season is here and while there are certainly some human actors worthy of purr-aise, I think it's about time we acknowledge those creatures who know the best way to work a red carpet... is to shed on it!

I recently partnered with Meow Mix cat food to recognize the year's top four-legged performances in The 2016 Cat's Meow Awards.    

Meow Mix brand received more than 25,000 video submissions from all over the country for the Cat's Meow Awards  which was established to celebrate the best cat moments of the year and the one-of-a-kind bond that only cats and humans share.  

My personal favorite, before I even knew who won, is "Tissue Box" in the "Best Kitty Hijinks" cat-egory... because, well, obviously, the cat's name is Tux and he looks just like my Tux... but, my Tux also loves to curl up in a 
too-small box.  Here's a picture!

The left paw doesn't quite fit!

Bottomless Pit (er.... I mean Tux... MY Tux, not the one in the video)... also happens to love Meow Mix cat food (all my cats do).  Since I generally only write sponsored posts for products we already use, was I excited to take a break from taking a break (see December's post) in order to work with Meow Mix on this great campaign.

Mom really does feed us Meow Mix!

Did you know Meow Mix brand created a new line of Irresistibles treats so that you can give your cats the award they're really looking for?  With real meat, a wide variety of flavors, and both soft and crunchy textures, your cat will be sure to thank you in his acceptance speech.

Go to and share your cat's irresistible moment to get a FREE bag and see tons of other cool cat content.

View clips from The 2016 Cat's Meow Awards show below:

Con-cat-ulations to all of the 2016 Cat's Meow Awards finalists and winners!






      ^^ Best Kitty Hijinks includes my favorite video "Tissue Box" -- check it out!^^

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