Traveling Dog Lady: January 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018

Meet our newest pack member!

Happy 2018! We are starting off the new year introducing our newest pack member, Petey, the chihuahua-Italian Greyhound mix (we think). And that's actually a designer dog "breed" called "Italian Greyhuahua". I'm not kidding. Google it.

We're also participating in the #AppreciateTheMoments monthly themed photo challenge for dog and cat moms. Because, well, I'm a dog and cat mom.

So, I'm back to a six pack! hah and I do not mean my abs, let me assure you.

January's topic for #AppreciateTheMoments is "winter".

Here's Petey, wearing one of his sweaters. He is an odd-sized dog, so small is too small, but medium is too big. He manages to wiggle his way out of most clothing I put on him.

Owning a small dog is very different from owning large ones. I've never had a small dog before. It sure is a learning experience.  I'll write more about that, as time goes on.

For now, welcome to the pack, Petey, and happy winter everybody!

Petey has a unique trait of being able to walk with both hind legs off the ground! LOL!
For Pete's sake, let me in! It's cold out here!