Traveling Dog Lady: Disclosure and Disclaimer

Disclosure and Disclaimer


I have been a dog and cat owner ever since I can remember.  When I was born, my family already had a dog.  At age 7, my parents got me my first dog; and the same year we got two cats, one of which had a litter of kittens shortly thereafter (hey, this was in the 1960s).  When I was 7, I was attacked by our cat, and nearly lost my eye.  When I was 10, we got another dog, and he ended up being "the meanest dog in the neighborhood" (oops!).  Both of these situations did not scare me, but instead inspired me to learn and understand cats and dogs as much as I could.  I devoted my life to adopting, guiding, and loving dozens of cats and a half-dozen dogs.  I was a "crazy cat lady" before I became a "crazy dog lady"!

Anyway, all of this to tell you that I am not a professional expert, I do not have a degree in animal care of any kind whatsoever.  I just love my animals, have a lifetime of hands-on "life experience" with dogs and cats, and I like to write and take photographs.  Friends and family often turn to me for advice about their pets' health, behavior, etc.  I enjoy sharing my own experience, but prefer to help them make their own decisions, rather than give advice.  If you have a situation you need help with, go ahead and ask me my opinion, but know that I am not an expert, and please take my opinion as exactly what it is:  an opinion.  Your situation could require the advise and assistance of a qualified professional, and that's not me.  Seek the help of a professional.

The information I post on this blog is my own personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else connected to me, including my business associates, my family or friends, advertisers, sponsors, or my employer.


Advertisements.  This site contains advertisements.  I try to keep them at a minimum, and not anything flashy or annoying. My time is valuable, and there are business expenses associated with having a website and online presence. If you see any ads that bother you, please report to me by email k2k9dogs at gmail dot com.

Sponsored Posts.  Occasionally, I have the opportunity to write "sponsored posts" for companies who want their product or service reviewed by a blogger.  Sponsored posts will be clearly designated at the top of the post.  Posts are written in my own words, unless the sponsor has requested specific prose.  Regardless of whether or not I am compensated for a post, opinions and reviews are based on my own personal experience with that product or service. The posts are my own, and don't reflect the opinion or experience of any other person or company or entity.

Affiliate Marketing.  I participate in Wayfair, Google Adsense, ShareASale (including Embrace Pet Insurance), DogWise, and PetSmart Affiliates advertising programs and occasional others.  You will see the ads on the right-hand side of my blog, and occasionally at the bottom of the page.  These affiliate programs are aimed at earning advertising income by linking to the affiliate's page(s).  When a visitor clicks on one of the affiliate links, and ends up purchasing something from the affiliate, I earn a small token percentage, or "kickback".  I do not advertise products that I do not already use myself, and will only refer you to products that are meaningful to me. I'm required to disclose this information by law, and I want no secrets from my readers and followers.

Product Reviews. From time to time I will review a specific product on this site. I choose not to review products from companies that I do not already use for my pets or myself, or products that are unknown to me or are made with un-natural ingredients.  Along with these reviews, I often receive a sample of the product, for instance dog treats, cat food, cat litter, toys.  I also may receive a gift along with the product, such as a cat scratching pod or a doggie bandana.  So far, I have not been paid monetary compensation for any of the products I've reviewed.  However, whether monetary or swag compensation, I will always clearly designate the type of compensation at the beginning of a review post. I will be honest about the product, so if you want your product reviewed, be ready!

Email Addresses.  I have recently begun to collect email addresses for email contact, newsletters and giveaways and contests.  Be assured that I do not and will not sell or distribute or share any information you might provide to me, even if you comment on a post or something like that.  I will only ever use your contact information to contact you.  Period.

Photographs of my pets, my home, and other photos that I have personally shot and posted here are owned by me and are the personal property of Kathleen S. Mueller.  Photos may not be used without permission.  If you would like permission to use one of my photos, contact me at k2k9dogs at gmail dot com.

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