Traveling Dog Lady: Sessions With Cesar, a great holiday gift!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sessions With Cesar, a great holiday gift!

Finally a chance for the average person to learn from Cesar Millan, without having to audition for the Dog Whisperer TV show, or live in southern California!

It's Sessions With Cesar, the interactive online coaching course available from Cesar Millan for the first time, ever.

Sessions With Cesar. Login, enroll (for a low monthly fee), choose your dog's behavior problem, and you're ready to go. The course consists of tutorials, audio clips from Cesar, and video clips where you can see exactly how Cesar works his magic with dogs.
After completing each section of the course work (at your own pace), you take a brief quiz. It's that easy, and it's fun! As a special added feature, Cesar's Pack is an online community forum where you can ask questions and communicate with other dog lovers. Cesar's Ambassadors are also there to help guide you through the course and try to answer your dog behavior questions.

For more information, go to

Sessions With Cesar makes a great holiday gift for that "dog person" in your life!


Sessions With Cesar Ambassador
Cesar Millan Inc Ambassador

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