Traveling Dog Lady: In Memoriam: DOGS

In Memoriam: DOGS

Dogs I have loved and lost


Timbaa black labrador retriever, possibly mixed with something else. Timba went to work with me every day, lived to be 18 years old, and was my most loyal and best friend for the first half of my adulthood.  A friend borrowed some money from me, and signed over his dog, Timba, as collateral in the event that he couldn't repay the loan.  He couldn't repay the loan.  I got the dog.  Timba was with me from 1983 through May of 2001. 


Hobie, a yellow lab/shepherd mix, probably a black mouth cur.  Hobie was being kept in a no-dogs-allowed, third-floor apartment in a nearby city.  A big time barker, the family who had him couldn't keep that a secret for very long. A co-worker put a note in the break room where I work announcing a dog that needed a good home.  Timba was getting on in years, and I needed a walking partner.  The dog was brought to my office so I could meet him.  Our eyes met, and it was love at first sight.  Hobie passed away in 2015, one month after his "dogfather" (my beloved Gil Markle, passed away).  Timba taught Hobie everything she knew, and he dutifully passed along the information to his protegees, Charlie Brown and Cooper.  


Hector, a Heinz-57 hound mix, probably some kind of herding dog in there, too.  Hector was born on our friend's farm one week before 9/11. We adopted him only 5 months after Timba died. Working in the travel business, the aftermath of 9/11 was really hard -- to blow off some steam, I'd go to the farm and play with the puppies on Friday afternoons. Hobie actually chose Hector... he walked over to the litter of pups playing on the ground with me and flipped Hector over with his nose.  "That's the one!"  The two were a bonded pair for 10 years, when, tragically, Hector's life was cut short mysteriously just one week before his 10th birthday.  Hector was the nicest dog in the whole world.  He was happy-go-lucky, well-behaved and loved everyone.






Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

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