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Sunday, October 21, 2007

tori does beantown

The show was awesome!! Tori came out dressed as Pip (photos here are from the actual show I attended!), and did several songs, then she went offstage costume changed to Tori.

I downloaded the show from! She played 25 songs.

Miss Massachusetts was in the audience, and Tori did an improv song to Miss Massachusetts. It was hilarious!

Pip played: Cruel, Bliss, Fat Slut, Smokey Jo, Teenage Hustling (awesome!!), and Waitress.

Then Tori came out and did Professional Widow, Big Wheel, Crucify, Conertina, Cornflake Girl, a very emotional rendition of Putting the Damage On, Take to the Sky, Jackie's Strength (OMG so good!), Etienne (a song I'd never heard before ? I'm shocked at that one!), Virginia, Hotel, Code Red, Precious Things. (Oh, and in the middle there she did the Miss Massachusetts thing).

She said goodbye, then came back and did Digital Ghost.

Said goodbye again and came back again and did Bouncing off Clouds and Hey Jupiter.

(so cool that I have the playlist and can recount everything!!! I never would've remembered!)

Afterwards people were talking about how they were blown away that she did 25 songs!

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