Traveling Dog Lady: Help us find a forever home for Cheyenne! Worcester MA

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Help us find a forever home for Cheyenne! Worcester MA

Monday, June 14, 2010

WORCESTER, MASS. Dog needs re-homing!! Please cross-post!

Please cross-post and share as widely as possible. This is not spam.

A relative of one of my dearest friends needs help in rehoming their dog, Cheyenne. Description below. Photo to follow, but for now please help us get the word out. Thanks!

Cheyenne is a spayed four-year-old mixed breed Lab/Retriever, color of gold and white. Her behavior is excellent and she is very affectionate and obedient. However she tends to be aggressive to strange dogs and needs more training to walk on leash. A strong pack leader is essential, and so is an active person or family. This is a high-energy Lab/Retriever mix, she will need lots of exercise, discipline and affection.

This dog is great with children, and adapts well to other family members. Cheyenne will play fetch all day long, if permitted! A high-energy family would be the perfect fit for this gorgeous girl!

Currently she is staying in a two room apartment with a woman, another dog, and husband and that is not the life for her. She wants to run and play, which the family cannot provide for her. She was scheduled to go live with other relatives, but that has all changed.

Cheyenne is a devoted keeper for her family and her owners are seeking a home for her where she can thrive and be happy. This is a quote from Gail, the woman who is living with the dog right now: "I feel so safe when she is by my side and only wish I had the means to add her to my family but cannot. Can you help in any way? We are located in Worcester MA."

If interested, please contact me (Kathy Mueller) at or post a reply to my blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

Thanks everyone! Let's find this gal a good home!

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