Traveling Dog Lady: It's a new puppy, Charlie Brown!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's a new puppy, Charlie Brown!

What can Brown do for you?!

It's been just 5 months, almost to the day, since we lost our dear, beloved hound dog, Hector and I never in a million years thought we'd add another pooch to our family so soon, but... yesterday I took the afternoon off and drove to New Hampshire and picked up an 11-week-old collie/hound mix named Charlie Brown!  He is pretty cool, just the right energy for us, and I think things are going to work out well.  There have been three small "spats" with Hobie -- totally my fault, dumb human leaving food and toys where they should not be.  And the cats are a little wary, but thankfully he doesn't "charge" them or chase them like Hector did, so I'm sure they'll be fine.  In fact, as I write, both dogs are at my feet and one cat has sidled up under the desk and is lying next to Hobie and keeping a watchful eye on Charlie who is on the other side of the desk!

Although he's just 11 weeks of age, Charlie was rescued from near death, twice.  His mama dog and her litter of 8 puppies was found in an abandoned house which was about to be bulldozed to the ground, in Tennessee.  A well-meaning construction worker brought "Kate Plus 8" to a shelter.  As we know, the majority of shelters in TN are high-kill and so the entire family had run out of time.  There are several rescues here in New England that truck dogs from TN to the northeast, and I worked with one of those rescue organizations to get Charlie Brown.  I never actually knew how rescue organizations work (even though I volunteered for Great Dane Rescue of NE) and this was a very interesting and eye-opening experience for us.  I am proud to have finally adopted my very first rescue dog.  I never knew what people meant when they asked "Is he a rescue?"  and now that I do, I have to say "None of my previous dogs were [literally] rescues"  Though I did "save" a couple from potentially bad situations, it is not the same.  Very educational experience!

I just wanted to share our good news.

Hug your dog :)

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