Traveling Dog Lady: Affordable grain free dog food - it's easier than you think

Monday, September 9, 2013

Affordable grain free dog food - it's easier than you think

Feed me!  Feed me!  Wooo! Wooo! WOOOOO!

"Dogs don't eat rice!", exclaimed my veterinarian as our very uncomfortable yellow dog, Hobie, stood trembling and panting in the cramped, sterile exam room, his skin flaming red showing through the patches where there once was fur that he had licked away.  I sat across the room, a dumb smile on my face, summarily relieved but simultaneously feeling like an inadequate pet parent of this middle-aged dog.  Thus, my introduction to grain-free dog food.  

When the vet asked what brand of food I fed poor Hobie, I proudly told him about the recently-launched lamb and rice formula I was giving my dogs, thinking it was such a good choice (nothing against that brand, I had fed its standard blend to my Timba for her entire life, with nary a problem).   As the vet told me about dogs in the wild, and how they don't eat rice, wheat, corn or other grains, as a general wild-dog rule; and then proceeded to instruct me to start feeding grain-free, I couldn't help but wonder what has changed since the 1990s when Timba did so well on regular ol' dog food as to live to the ripe, old age of 18 (unheard of for a black lab)!  Why, exactly, ARE we hearing so much these days about dogs (and humans) being gluten-sensitive, and grain-sensitive?  Has something changed in the way these foods are being made, in the type of grain being used, growth hormones, GMOs? What?

The challenge for me, living in a remote area of Massachusetts with the nearest large pet store being 20 miles away, and overnight delivery of products ordered online being all but sketchy, was finding grain-free dog food in a convenient location at all, let alone at an affordable price.  I initially chose one brand mentioned by the vet because they carried it at the local tractor store, even though it was incredibly expensive.  About a year or two into using that brand, that company had a recall. I brought my un-finished bag of dog food back to the store and was given a refund.  I had to buy something to feed the dogs, so I tried another, even more expensive brand of grain free dog food, and have been using that up until recently when I noticed Cooper was having "gas" problems, and we decided to try switching food again.  I now have the two younger dogs on a completely different brand of grain-free food, at a lower price than the previous ones, and Hobie is on a "senior" food (which does include rice).

Grain free dog foods are said to be formulated to provide more concentrated energy, with higher levels of fat and protein, which enables you to feed your dog smaller quantities. This saves money and also provides your canine pal with loads of healthy energy.

So, how DOES one find affordable grain free dog food for their canine family member?  The choices are numerous if you have the ability to spend a lot. But if you're looking to stay on a reasonable budget, Diamond Naturals has developed a grain-free product that claims to be a high-quality product without the high price. 

According to Diamond Naturals, their foods make quality nutrition affordable because they are made from high-quality ingredients which provide everything dogs need for good health and at a price that won't hurt your pocketbook.  It's the same quality product as Diamond Naturals' regular food, minus the grains.  It comes in great flavors including beef, chicken or fish, each mixed with sweet potato. 

You can find Diamond Naturals grain free dog food at the same locations where regular Diamond Naturals foods are sold, or online at many different outlets.  Check out Diamond Naturals own web site for a vendor near you, and don't forget to follow Diamond Naturals on Facebook.

For more money-savings tips for your healthy, happy hound, check out this article  from about putting your canine pal on a budget!

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