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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Coming soon! Original essays from

The last six or eight weeks have been so busy, I've barely had time to breathe.  I decided to move my domains and to this blog to consolidate in one place (and I had issues with complicated hosting options through the company that hosts my domains).

So anyway, as a result all my stories about my pets (both living and dead) Timba, Hobie, Hector, Fritz, Sam, Filkin, Maggie and Mr. Kitty no longer appear online.  Not to worry, they are on my computers and backup drives for safekeeping!  And soon, very soon, I'll self-publish them in print and e-book format.  I should point out that the aforementioned pets are just the ones I had written about on --  I haven't yet written the stories about Charlie Brown, Cooper, Tux, Newman and Cali; nor the long-ago pet companions Chi-Chi, Nigel, Slippers, Annie and Connie's cats that we fostered at the Farm back in the '90s!  So many pets I have shared my life with, how fortunate!

These essays will eventually appear here on this blog on the main menu -- I haven't quite figured out that step yet.  Stay tuned!!

For now, an update on Hobie:  he was in the hospital again this week.  His back legs had given out on him suddenly and we got him standing up again, but then he would not lie down.  After a sleepless night for all of us in the household, we brought him to emergency and even though it was pricey, he was taken great care of and restored to fully-functioning dog -- complete with the joys of an elderly god on steroids!  Just in time for the first snow, which he handled like a champ.  No price is too high to save our beloved Hobie's life.  Dog willing, he will be 14 next month.  He's our Millennium Dog.  (Here's a video from a few years ago lol)

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