Traveling Dog Lady: Millennium Dog turns 14!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Millennium Dog turns 14!

A big happy birthday shout out to Hobie, who turns 14 today!

Hobie is the inspiration for this blog, and my web site Millennium Dog Productions.  Of course, I found out there is a park called Millennium Dog Park in Florida, and there's a video game called Millennium Dog.  But we've had the name for 14 years now, so I think we were first.

Some folks have remarked that it is amazing how lucky we are to have Hobie at 14 years of age.  And, we are, of course, but we've also had a remarkable track record of pets who've grown old with us.

Here's the list:  (and some pictures below*)

Beagle, Samantha ("Sam"),16
Labrador Retriever, Timba, 18
Gray tabby cat, Filkin, 17
Orange tabby cat, Maggie, 20
Black cat, Mr. Kitty, 19
Border Collie Mix, Annie, 15
Orange tabby cat, Pointy, unknown, but old!!!
Hound extraordinaire, Hector, 10
(with the exception of Sam, and Annie, each of whom were in the custody of relatives at the time, and THEY made the decision to euthanize, we have never had to euthanize any of our pets!  They all died of natural causes!)

If anyone ever asked what's our secret, I would have to say that we provide a safe, loving home and we are fortunate enough to be able to afford high-quality food and the best in veterinary care.  I never really thought about it, though, to be honest.  We just love them and keep them safe and happy.  We don't give a lot of treats, no table scraps, and a good amount of exercise.

It's hard to see them grow old.  Hobie was once the vibrant, trouble-making, hot-shot male who would take off at a moment's notice and run the entire neighborhood.  He never went far, thank goodness.  He would hold his tail high and prance around like he was the king!  He needed at least 2 hours of exercise (long walks) every day or he would be bouncing off the walls.  He could jump all four feet off the floor and look me straight in the eye (I'm about 5-feet tall).  He did "small dog tricks" such as "sit pretty". His fur is the softest I've ever felt.  People always remark on how soft he is when they ask if they can touch him.  "oooooh, he's so soft!"  All that jumping and carrying on probably contributed to his very bad arthritis.  But Timba had arthritis, too, and she trudged forward until age 18.

2013 was rough for Hobie.  He was in the hospital twice, and we really thought we were going to lose him.  Thankfully, the vets were awesome and he pulled through and is as feisty as ever.  He even reminds me when it's time for his pain medication every 12 hours.  Never underestimate the ability of a companion pet to tell time!

So, happy 14th birthday to our Millennium Dog!

Filkin at LVF
Timba in Truro


Maggie May
Mr. Kitty 
Hobie and Hector



  1. Happy 14th Birthday Hobie!
    Hope you are keeping warm.
    xo Cinnamon

  2. Happy 14th to Hobie! Wow, those are great old ages.

    Catching up on your Ireland post... Great photos!


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