Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Snapshots -- catching up -- Travel, Green and Spring

Saturday, March 28, 2015

52 Snapshots -- catching up -- Travel, Green and Spring

Three weeks behind, and catching up on the 52 Snapshots project, hosted by our pals at The Lazy Pit Bull, here are three photos representing the two topics I missed (Travel, and Green); and this week's topic, Spring.

When I saw the topic three weeks ago was "Travel", I groaned audibly.  Can I ever get away from the topic of travel?! lol But then, I lost my sweetie on March 20th, and a friend dug up this old photo of him standing in front of a map of the U.S.
at work.  The pic is from back in the 70s or early 80s, lest you think he's a throwback to Michael Landon, or something.
.All of those pins/flags on the map represent student groups that were traveling with our company that year!!  

Green!!  If my sweetheart had done what he USUALLY does in February and March of any given year, he would be here, at his vacation home in Tobago.  This is the front yard/garden/driveway of the property.   The photo was taken by a friend about a month ago, and emailed to me.  I never showed it to Gil because I figured it would bum him out to see the gorgeous vegetation of his favorite place, while he was stuck here in snowmageddon, and sick besides.  I'm glad I kept it to myself.

Spring!  Well, almost.  The snow here in Massachusetts has not quite melted.  We are working on it!  We're going to have lots of fences to repair, and have already repaired a section of roof.  Gil died on the first day of spring.  It was the vernal equinox, the "super moon" AND there was a solar eclipse that day.  Nothin' like going out with a bang, dude!


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos with us - they obviously have some special meaning to you. So sorry for your loss. PS. I did think that was Michael Landon.

    1. hahaha! I always used to tease him about that!! Thanks for you well wishes. :)

  2. I am trying to catch up on 52 Snapshots hopping so I am glad to get a three in one here. This is such a nice variety... I certainly hope your spring view is slowly becoming more like the green!

  3. Thank you for sharing your memories. Stay strong. ♥


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