Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Snapshots of Life; Week 17: Earth

Sunday, April 26, 2015

52 Snapshots of Life; Week 17: Earth


What better depiction of "Earth" than a hound lying in the DIRT?!
EARTH is this week's topic in the 52 Snapshots of Life blog hop, hosted by our furry pals at The Lazy Pit Bull.

Charlie Brown and I, along with our human friend, Andrea, participated in Sweetpea's bi-annual fundraiser walk at Barre Falls Dam this morning.  Sweetpea for Animals is one of our local shelters, and I've known the folks who run the shelter for many years.  

I briefly hesitated, and thought about canceling, because we had said goodbye to our beloved Hobie, yesterday after dragging out his life for far too long.  He was the best dog in the world.  I know everyone says that about their dog.  

After much soul-searching, I decided we would walk (and donate) in his honor. We called our little team of three, Hobie's Heroes.

Andrea was kind enough to snap this pic of me and Charlie.
Honest to Pete, I look more and more like my mother every day.
Yeah, I am not afraid to wear my "Crazy Dog Lady" t-shirt in public!

There'll be no "Earth" burial for Hobie, per se -- he is being cremated so I can bring his ashes to various places on the Earth where we spent time together over our 15-year companionship.

You may remember, we buried Hector in the back yard a few years ago.

In happier times:  Hobie, soaking up some Earth at one of his favorite places, Thompson Pond


  1. It's so hard to say good bye. No matter the age, or the need, it's just still so difficult, isn't it? And yet, here's to you and getting out there to do the walk- I'm sure Hobie was proud of you for trying to heal while honoring his life :)

    1. Thanks! It was very hard to go out that next morning, but I know Hobie would have wanted me to do it if he could have expressed himself on the topic :) I remember, a day or two after Hector passed in 2011, Hobie and I went to the beach together, just the two of us. I have wonderful memories of that very special day on the beach, which I will treasure and remember forever and always. I hope, years from now, I will remember the walk with Charlie in the same way.

  2. These photo of happy dogs in nature are wonderful and they make me smile!

  3. You are the featured favorite on Rascal & Rocco's blog for the Pet Parade blog hop this week so we came by to meet you. We are sorry to read you recently lost someone you love and now your Hobie. Our condolences!


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