Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Snapshots of life; Week 19: Teach

Saturday, May 9, 2015

52 Snapshots of life; Week 19: Teach

I knew exactly which picture I wanted to use for this week's 52 Snapshots of Life photo blog-hop; hosted by our friends at The Lazy Pit Bull.

It's not a dog or cat picture, this week; but that's ok.  The blog-hop is not limited to pet bloggers. Anyone can join in the fun.  If you have a social media account, just use the hashtag 52Snapshots and snap away each week, brush up on your photography skills, or dig up and scan an old photo.

Back to that picture... it's an oldie.  My late boyfriend-husband (that's what I've decided to call him!) was a university professor long before I met him.  When I was just 10 years old, he was teaching students in Worcester. Mass. all about the fine points of philosophy.

He was an innovative teacher, in that he used media, photography, film and music for his classroom presentations long before anyone else had thought of it (think Prezi or but with film, tape, and large cumbersome equipment that had to be lugged around by strong teaching assistants!).  Keep in mind that this was, like, 45 years ago!! Students would sign up for his lectures, and would sometimes be spilling out into the corridors to catch a glimpse of his original and advanced ways of teaching.

I can hardly count the number of people who have said to me, during the last 7 weeks, "Gil taught me __________ (fill in the blank)."  Even decades after he left his teaching career to become an entrepreneur, he continued to teach others, including me, for the rest of his life.

So, in honor of teachers everywhere.... here's an old pic of a true teacher at work.  Dig the sideburns, man.  Groovy.

The students you see pictured here are now in their 60s!


  1. Nice post and photo. Teaching really is such an important part of life!

  2. Great photo! I went to college in Worcester, but it was from 1987-1991.

    1. He was a professor there in the '60s. I lived in Worc right before you did, for college also, in the early '80s. What college did you attend?


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