Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Snapshots of Life; Week 38: Feet

Monday, September 21, 2015

52 Snapshots of Life; Week 38: Feet

When Hobie was a puppy, I liked to smell his feet.  I know other dog parents will understand this.  We've talked about it!  Back in those days, dog food had corn as a primary ingredient (maybe it still does, but I don't buy that stuff anymore).  I am not positive, but I think this is why dogs' feet smelled like Fritos.  Frito Feet!  Or, more generically-correct:  Corn Chip Feet!

Anyway, I sang a little song to Hobie:  "Puppy feet, puppy feet, I love puppy feet!" and then I'd grab his foot and SMELL it!!  Yeah, we pet parents are sick ha ha.

I regularly take pictures of my pets' feet.  Yes, yes, I do.

Here is a small collection of Pet Feet Photos from my archives.  The first picture here was just taken a few days ago while Cooper was sleeping!

Cooper foot!  This could make a good logo.

Cats have paws, too.

Footprint in the sand

Not a "sole" on the beach

We did a nail trim right afterwards!
Hobie loved to sleep with his back legs crossed.


Hobie's feet.  I did a whole photo session of Hobie's feet on his last birthday.

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