Traveling Dog Lady: PL360 Supplements for Dogs Product Review and #Giveaway

Thursday, November 12, 2015

PL360 Supplements for Dogs Product Review and #Giveaway

This is a sponsored post for PL360 supplements.  I have received a two-month supply of supplements in exchange for this product review, but no monetary compensation.  PL360 is also providing a giveaway to three of my readers/followers of the product I am reviewing.  Contact me if questions:

A few weeks ago, I received an inquiry from the folks at PL360, asking if I would try their all-natural supplements with my dogs and write a review.  I no longer do product reviews with payment in product only (in other words, that doesn't pay the bills!), but I made an exception because a giveaway to three of my readers was also offered.  Hoping some of you out there would like a free supply of PL360's Arthogen Hip & Joint Formula for active dogs.  If so, just comment on this post right here on the blog (you may need to input a captcha code so Blogger knows you're not a robot!).

My "boys" Charlie Brown and Cooper just celebrated their fourth birthday yesterday!  They are still young, and the description "active" may be pushing the envelope a bit.  These hound-mixes are much less "active" than my previous dogs who were all Labs or Lab-mixes.  For example, Charlie sleeps most of the day (20-22 hours a day just about) but then will run at high-speed after a squirrel or a neighbor walking a dog past the house (safely separated by our wonderful fence, I might add!).  Because he is a large dog, pushing 90 pounds, but still tall and lanky, I do worry about his joints.

Charlie "treeing" a squirrel in classic Walker Coonhound style

Cooper, on the other hand, also sleeps all day, but is disabled (shhhh, please don't mention that word in his presence!).  With his single front leg, there is a lot of "slamming" of the leg onto hard surfaces such as pavement outside, ceramic tile and hardwood inside, and running up and down the back deck stairs at high-speed, jumping onto and off of furniture (yeah, he's allowed).  He is still so young that he runs just as fast as his brother, and that concerns me because his shoulder joint must get incredibly sore with all that slamming.

I've had a lot of experience with aging dogs and their joint problems, but I was interested to see how these all-natural supplements would work on The Boys.

Timba, above, and Hobie, below both had arthritis in their senior years.

The first day, Charlie, typically, was averse to anything foreign and new being put into his mouth.  I usually give out supplements like treats, so I had him sit at the treat counter in the kitchen.  He, of course, spit it out onto the floor and had to smell it and investigate it before chewing or swallowing.  He ended up walking away that first time, and Cooper scooped up Charlie's serving.  Cooper, by the way, gobbled it right up, no questions asked, no hesitation.

After a couple of days, Charlie decided he could trust me, and now has been enjoying his daily dole of the supplement each day.  I give them each two tablets per day at "treat time".

Give us treats!  Give us treats!

The hip and joint formula contains glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin C, manganese, beef flavor, brewers years, cheese flavor and a couple of other ingredients I'm not 100% thrilled about, but at least they are few (silicon dioxide and xanthan gum just to name two).  The latter are inactive ingredients, incidentally.

Since my dogs do not have current joint issues, I am using this product more as a preventative than a treatment.  The first few days, I did think that they seemed to have more energy after their daily dole!  They were running around the house doing zoomies* and so forth.  But that could just be a feature of the time of year (less outdoor time, more indoor time as fall and winter descend).  Nevertheless, they certainly were not held back from romping around the house doing zoomies for 15 minutes!  So, I'd say that's a mark in favor of PL360's product.

All in all, I would recommend this product.  The folks I've communicated with at PL360 have been personable and professional, so that's a big plus, too (a lot of times it's the people behind the brand that makes the brand appealing!).

PL360's products can be purchased at Entirely Pets and !!

Don't forget about that giveaway!  If you're a reader who has an active dog and want to support their hips and joints with a pretty good product, just comment below.  The first three to post a comment containing the word "giveaway" will get a free bottle of PL360 Arthogen Hip & Joint Formula.

*This video is from 2014.


  1. My dog Pepper is getting up there in age and would love to try and see if this would help her. Thank you for the "giveaway"!

    1. Crystal, you are the first winner of the giveaway! Please email me your mailing address privately and I'll have PL360 send out the supplements. My email address is k2k9dogs at gmail dot com. Many thanks!!!


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