Traveling Dog Lady: Keeping Your Cats Happy Indoors

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Keeping Your Cats Happy Indoors

With this extreme cold weather (40 below zero with the wind-chill today!), there is no way my little kitty devils are going outside.  My cats are indoor/outdoor cats, and they spend most of their time literally going in and out of the door (I figure maybe I burn calories running up and down the stairs all day to cater to them!).  When outside, they are never far away... always lounging with the dogs on the deck, or hanging around the Tiny House that occupies a small corner of my property.  They know their territory, and rarely venture outside of the boundaries of our yard.  Smart little cookies!

Nevertheless, it is much too cold outside this weekend to risk the chance of Tux, Cali or Newman getting stuck outside someplace.  So, inside they stay.  This requires some fancy footwork on my part, and a lot of patience, as they can get into trouble, get bored, or stir up the Pack Leader, Charlie, who can sometimes start herding them around inside the house.  There is never a dull moment around here, that's for sure!

One of my fellow blogging/internet friends sent me this awesome infographic with tips for keeping felines happy indoors.  Check it out, and enjoy.  Feel free to Pin or Tweet!

Keeping Your Cat Happy Iindoors
Keeping Your Cat Happy Iindoors by Terrys Fabrics.


  1. I think it's so important to keep cats indoors. They live so much longer that way! My sis had to turn her roaming-free cat that she found in her 'hood into an indoor cat. Luckily she has this really nice balcony that's screened in, and almost has a tree-house feel to it when you're on it - she calls it the "catio" and her cat loves to hang out there and watch the neighborhood and the birds go by.


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