Traveling Dog Lady: Pup-peroni Has My Pups Saying "Woof Yeah!" on International Bacon Day

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pup-peroni Has My Pups Saying "Woof Yeah!" on International Bacon Day

Ok, admittedly, this is a weird one for me to jump in on, since I'm a semi-vegetarian.  But, every once in a while, I eat bacon.  I know.  I'm horrible!  It's a holdover from my childhood.  My family always cooked bacon and it was the one "meat" I would eat, even back then. 

My dogs, on the other hand, are pure carnivores, and they love Pup-peroni and they sure love bacon (what dog doesn't?).  So, to share a moment of pure happiness with my pooches, I figured I'd give them a tail-wagging experience by chiming in on International Bacon Day, which is coming up soon.

High-five, Mom!  Woof, yeah! 
We picked up Pup-peroni's new Filet Mignon and Bacon Flavors treats, and brought them home for a taste test with Cooper and Charlie.  These treats are no joke!  They're made with delectable Angus steak and pack a bacon-y punch that my dogs absolutely love.  I have to be careful to limit the treats.  The soft, chewy texture really gets their tails wagging.  I think I enjoy giving them these Filet Mignon & Bacon treats, almost as much as they love devouring them.

Bacon?!!  #woofyeah "Woof!  Yeah!"  It's International Bacon Day

So, if you celebrate International Bacon Day, your pooch just might also say "Woof, Yeah!" to the tasty flavor of these new Pup-Peroni treats.

You can learn more about Pup-Peroni Filet Mignon & Bacon flavored dog snacks through the link below:
Feel free to share your personal 'woof yeah' moment with your dog in the comments below.

As compensation for writing this post for Pup-Peroni, I received a gift box of goodies for me and my dogs.  I am happy to endorse their products!  Find Pup-Peroni on social media = @pupperoni 


  1. Well, I don't think you're horrible for eating bacon - we certainly eat it around here. I was a little panicked to see that we missed International Bacon Day, BUT we did eat bacon on Sunday, so it's all good! Rita loves bacon too. (I mean, what dog doesn't??) :)


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