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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Puppy Christmas Parties

Have you ever watched young, un-weaned puppies play? Well, I never had until I went to a Christmas party last weekend at the shelter where I volunteer. I'm the one who entered all the puppies' intake forms into the computer database this year. What a thrill to meet this one litter that accompanied us at the party! I never even thought to take any pictures of them. I was too busy cuddling the little buggers.

While watching them play, I recognized Charlie Brown and Cooper's antics. Of course! Lightbulb moment! They are littermates, and of course they still carry on with the same posturing even though they are 20 times the size. It's hard to believe they were ever that tiny.

Seeing the puppies playing this way gave me a whole new appreciation of the way Charlie and Cooper play. Still, at 5 years old, they play the same way. But they are huge! Not that I ever thought what they were doing was bad, but I now understand more fully why they are sometimes so rough with each other. Why all the growling, sneezing and barking. They play exactly as they did when they were tiny little puppies still nursing from their mama.

Isn't dog behavior and dog body language fascinating? I've always thought so.

Today, we went to see Santa and get our pictures taken. We got a hat, some stockings, and a sweater, along with a few toys and treats. Presents!

Here are some outtakes from me trying to get Cooper to wear the Christmas hat for Spencer The Goldendoodle's December Dog Photo Challenge:

Shake this thing off my head
'the heck, ma?

Come 'ere.... oops not that far

The winner! It'll have to do. Hard to get this guy to sit still. 

We won some stockings and toys at the shelter's Pictures With Santa event today.
There are treats inside this stocking. I looked over and Coop was trying to pull it down off the mantle!


  1. Cute pics! Love the "the heck, ma" one. I can't put anything in Rita's sock until Xmas morning, or she'd for sure pull it down!


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