Traveling Dog Lady: DaVinci Has been Saved!! -- Updated Post Help Us Save This Dog - This Is A Serious Post

Thursday, January 12, 2017

DaVinci Has been Saved!! -- Updated Post Help Us Save This Dog - This Is A Serious Post


From Sweetpea's Facebook page: 
Hi everyone! It is me "D"! Thank you for all the positive energy! I am going to go to live with a trainer backed by an established 501(c)3. I will let you know when I leave! It will be soon! My volunteers who love me! I will get to give hugs and kisses to you before I go! Be on call! I am not scared! I know where I am going! Been there before! Love you all! Oh and I will live in a house! Hope I get the couch! 

This is serious. DaVinci is a dog who needs a home urgently and immediately. 

I'm helping spread the word about DaVinci, a Pit or Amstaff who is the last survivor from the fire at Sweetpea shelter here in Paxton, Massachusetts near where I live. 

The shelter cannot re-open or operate despite a crowd-funding effort that raised over $100,000. There has been a huge delay in obtaining permits and licensing.

Meanwhile DaVinci, the last surviving animal (of very few who survived, I might add!) has been at various locations and is the only survivor that has not been adopted. 

For some reason the current location can no longer keep him. It's an urgent situation and because of some issues that are described below. DaVinci cannot live with other pets or children.


He needs a strong experienced owner, handler, foster or potential adopter.

 Sweetpea is a no-kill facility whose volunteers have been emotionally and physically destroyed by this situation. They have been forced to put out notice that this dog will be euthanized if a facility, adopter or foster is not found within the coming days. Yes, days.

This is terrible after he survived the fire that claimed the lives of 50 animals! And he lived a whole year with great medical expense as well. Money will no longer help. Complaints obviously won't help. We need someone to step in a save this guy and make him a true survivor. 

  I know the directors and volunteers who run Sweetpea personally. This is my local shelter, less than a 5-minute drive from my home. This is personal for me. If I did not have five pets (soon to be six) I would take DaVinci myself, but sadly he can't come to a home like mine. If he could, he would have already gone to one of hundreds of homes just like mine.

I'm putting out the word to everyone I know in the doggie world. If you know any way to help, contact me & I can put you in contact with Sweetpea

More info is on their website and their Facebook page. If you use Google: "Sweetpea Friends of Rutland Animals" is the exact name.

This dog survived the devastating shelter fire that took the lives of 50 other pets in November of 2015, just a few days before Thanksgiving. 

Then, he survived medical treatment, and a whole year-plus of living here and there, but no adoptive family. 

DaVinci is what I would call a special needs dog due to his reactive nature and the fact that he has been attacked twice by other dogs. 

Look at him! He's beautiful!

I am told that he needs a family with no other pets or children; and he needs a strong leader/owner/handler who will lead with benevolent love and understanding. He's a survivor, and I know we can do this if we pull together. Let's not fail him now!! DaVinci is in Massachusetts right now, but I am networked with a ton of dog people and agencies throughout the U.S. and the world. 

If you can take him in, if you know someone who will foster him, and/or adopt him, if you know of a no-kill shelter that will take DaVinci, please contact me and I will put you in touch with Sweetpea... or follow the instructions immediately below to contact Sweetpea directly. Please help!!

From Sweetpea's Facebook Page:
Our hearts are breaking. We do not want to euthanize Davinci but where we are boarding him will no longer keep him after his quarantine is up. Davinci was attacked while walking with a volunteer by an OFF LEASH DOG! Yes you know those people who "It's ok My dog is Friendly" The volunteer was bit by Davinci while she tried to keep him safe from the OFF LEASH DOG! This is the third time this has happened to Davinci! This time he was not hurt but he was in the past! We have tried several other Rescues,Shelters and Sanctuaries in the past and present. None will take him due to his bite history and dog reactivity! Mary asked for your help, suggestions not bashing. This has nothing to do with money donated to rebuild and where money is. As told before the money is in the bank waiting to rebuild. The town is holding us up on that. I rescued Davinci from another shelter that was going to Euthanize him. The last thing I want is for him to be euthanized. The fire, the loss of all my precious animals, the bashing from the public, yes you always the know it it affects you. You don't even know Davinci. Never ever saw him., My entire life is ruined with all of this,I have no shelter animals left, no shelter, no job, and probably will lose my home and now D. The worst is when asked for your help, you turn like vipers instead of taking action and making calls to places and helping us save him! Try helping please! Make calls! Find a place for him! A place that won't put him down! A lot of the places you name here Euthanize daily!!!!
We have been boarding DaVinci since he recovered from the fire in November 2015. During that time we have actively looked for a home for him with no success. The facility cannot keep him any longer. We need to find a rescue for him very soon as we have no place to shelter him. If we did we would probably keep him until it was his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. If he can't be placed with another rescue or in a suitable home, we will be forced to consider euthanasia as our last resort as it will break our hearts. If you can help, please contact us at

Please find it in your heart to give him a chance.
Thank you!!
Dog Bless You!

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