Traveling Dog Lady: Remembering Anabelle

Monday, May 15, 2017

Remembering Anabelle

Our grand-dog, Anabelle, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this past weekend.

Following here are some pictures of Ana from when she was a young dog, so full of Australian Shepherd life, on Nauset Light Beach on Cape Cod; and a few pics from when she visited us in 2014.

It was my honor and privilege to place my hand on her and witness her final moments. Dogs are a member of the family, and while she only lived here in Mass for a short time, I always called her my grand-dog. I'm happy she got to live out her final days at the little cottage, and hang out with Charlie and Cooper.

That afternoon, after we were done sobbing and crying, Nancy (Ana's other grandmother) and I ran some errands, just to keep our minds occupied. As we were leaving the church, after dropping off some raffle items, a young Dalmatian puppy -- with with BROWN, not black, spots -- came running into the church parking lot. He looked so excited, and we could tell he belonged to someone because he was wearing a collar and license tag. He ran up to us, and we both touched him as he zoomed past. In hot pursuit was his teenage owner, running stocking-footed through the church parking lot. The church being on a busy roadway, we all were worried. But the Dalmatian stopped and touched each of us, then ran around in circles. Nancy grabbed the dog's collar, and the teenage girl got her bearings and took the dog from Nancy, just as her sister turned up in their car. Dalmatian went home, safely with his family.  After they drove away, I said to Nancy.... "That was a message from Ana. Telling us she is ok."  Call me crazy dog lady, but I felt that the puppy was delivering a message to us that Ana had made it safely to doggie heaven, across that rainbow bridge, where I believe Hobie, Hector and "grandpa" Gil met up with her.

Goodbye, Ana. We will never, ever forget you.

The little lighthouse pole on top of the dune!
Long ago washed away!
The pole represented where Nauset Lighthouse used to stand before it was moved inland by the preservation society.

From a visit to the Pink House in 2014

Ana always got along with the boys. They adored her. I hope Hobie was there to greet her in doggie heaven. 


  1. Oh, what a beautiful girl! So sorry about the loss of her. But I'm sure Hobie was there to greet her. Love those "I got here okay" stories.

    1. Thanks, Jackie. She will be missed. A typical "herding group" dog, she could play ball all day long. <3


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