Traveling Dog Lady: happy birthday, hobie!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

happy birthday, hobie!

I couldn't close up shop for the night without posting happy birthday wishes to my favorite K9 himself, The Hobester!

While I don't really know the specific day of Hobie's birth (like I know Hector's was September 4, 2001 -- exactly one week before "9/11")... I do know that Hobie is my Millennium Dog. He was born in January, 2000, but came into my life 4 months later, in May of 2000. The photo here is the first one I ever snapped of Hobie, and we've been partners ever since. Here is a scan of the receipt from Petco -- our first excursion by car, which we did only a few moments after our love-at-first-sight meeting! The toys in the photo are the ones I bought at Petco that day!

Since I usually travel during the week of Christmas/New Year's annually, I started choosing a day shortly after my return to the States as Hobie's "official" birthday. So, when he was a year old, I returned home from my annual trip on January 2nd or 3rd, and decided a few days later that his birthday should always be celebrated on January 6th.

Here we are 7 years later. It seems hard to believe that my little Hobie is 7 years old. 49 in dog years, which means he is now older than me.

Years spent with our pets are precious -- and filled some of life's greatest pleasures, challenges and lessons.

I love Hobie more than words can describe. He is the coolest dog on the planet.

Happy Birthday, Hobes!!

K2 ("Mommy")

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