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Friday, January 12, 2007

hector goes to the office!

Hector had his follow-up appointment with the new vet today (because of a foot injury sustained when he jumped the stone wall). Rather than drive back and forth from home to work, then home, then all the way back to the vet which is practically next door to work, I decided to take Hector to the office with me this morning. He spent three hours at work with me, and it was delightful.

First, on the way there, we had to take an alternate route due to construction on the regular road. My dogs know the various routes, so this threw him for a loop. He started doing his little "talking" thing when I turned up the different road.

Lo and behold, a half a mile down the road, there is a flock of wild turkeys -- about a dozen of them to be exact. Now, if I had had both dogs in the car, Hobie would have started getting all anxious and antsy about the birds. He starts making noises and sometimes will try to lunge, although that has gotten tons better since I learned to stay silent and not fixate on the distraction myself! (Thank you Cesar Millan!) Hector truly lived in the moment. Yes, he was curious, but he just looked at the birds ( I had to drive by them really slowly because they may have crossed the road), and then he lingered looking at them after we drove past, and then turned his head forward and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

At the office, everyone was falling all over themselves patting him and paying attention to him. He went straight into my office! He hadn't been there in months, but he knew the drill! He attended our daily sales administration meeting, and it was really funny because we all hate that meeting and after a few minutes he wanted to leave but the door was closed. Mike said, "I know how you feel Hector" to which I replied, "He's picking up on all of our energy. He's saying get me outta here!"

We left a little early for the vet appt, and when we drove in there was a dog in the parking lot. Not wanting the confrontation (I am a chicken!) I went for a little drive. But when I brought him back, there were two dogs in the waiting room. He was a perfect gentleman. Again, everyone was fawning over him and saying how well-behaved and handsome he was.

Another patient had a 17 year old dog. I said to him, "It's nice having an old dog around" -- at that precise moment, the vet came out into the waiting room, and he goes, "My wife says that to me all the time!" We were all cracking up!

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