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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tori Amos concert next week!

One week from tonight, Susan and I go to see Tori Amos play in Boston! I can hardly wait! Tori is the most inspirational, phenomenal, outrageous and beautifully talented musician, singer, songwriter and pianist of our time. In my quite-biased opinion.

I posted some videos on my blog last week from You Tube. I was so thrilled to find this episode of VH1 Storytellers from 1998. It was the first time I'd ever seen Tori perform "live" (well, on TV!). I was absolutely mesmerized by her. I had been listening to her records for several years, but never had I seen her perform. I was entranced and enchanted. It changed my life forever. Of particular note was her performance of the song "Father Lucifer". I was over the moon last week when I found this on You Tube. I played it over and over. It is just beautiful.

Well, to my chagrin and extreme annoyance and disappointment, somehow this video of "Father Lucifer" is "no longer available" on You Tube. Why? All of the other clips are still available. I am truly devastated at the second loss of this great televised performance.

What I would give to have a VHS or DVD of this episode of VH1 Storytellers. If anyone has it, contact me privately at

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  1. Well, I found out why. Viacom International had a copyright issue. What a BUMMER! Hey, Viacom! Release the DVD of the episode why don'tcha? I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


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