Traveling Dog Lady: Black Cat Appreciation Day, August 17th

Friday, August 17, 2012

Black Cat Appreciation Day, August 17th

In honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, here are just a few of the black cats we've known and loved.  Especially Mr. Kitty, our "favorite" if there can be such a thing.

Black cats are often overlooked in shelters and rescues (so are black dogs), and have been given a bad rap with all that "crossing your path" baloney.

Give a black cat a chance!  If you're thinking of adopting, don't skip over them at the shelter.  If you see a black cat cross YOUR path, maybe, just maybe it's a sign of good luck.

Here are our black beauties:

Mr. Kitty (ok, yeah, he was allowed on the table!)

Mr. Kitty, we loved you so, and still do

Love Kitty at Long View Farm

Love Kitty at Long View Farm 

The famous "Ratsky"  Princeton, Mass. On top of my Ford Galaxie 500 oh yeah

Slippers (aka Hendrix), Framingham, Mass.

Slippers on my childhood bed at my parents' house

Tux, the Electric Bullet, our latest blackie

Bullet poses for what will become the cover of my book MTAITW

A more recent pic of Tux/Bullet

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