Traveling Dog Lady: The first of August

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The first of August

August 1st has special meaning in our little five-mile world.  We opened the doors of Passports, the student travel company on August 1st, 1992 -- 20 years ago today.  It is still hard to believe, I was only 32 years old at the time and now I'm in my 50s.  What?!  I had Timba the dog, who went to work with me every day, long before "Take Your Dog To Work Day", the internet, and Dog Whisperer.  Hobie and Hector were not even a twinkle in their daddy's eyes yet, and I never would have guessed what significance DOGS would have in my future.

Headquarters of Passports Educational Travel

We had 6 cats at the time, having just left Long View with however many feline friends (out of the 20+ who lived there) we could stuff into a large crate in the back of my Subaru station wagon (which believe me, is NOT easy).  My three cats Love Kitty, Filkin and Charlie made the trek all the way BACK to our rented house in Spencer, along with three Long View cats: our beloved Mr. Kitty, Louise (who was a feral cat and should never have come with us!), and dear, sweet Maggie. We now own that house, but don't live in it anymore.  So much has changed... things I never dreamed of have happened, some good, some not so good.  Life.



Mr. Kitty

Love Kitty (black), and her daughter, Filkin (tabby)

Charlie the cat (tabby) and Mr. Kitty (black)

Timba and Charlie the cat

The anniversary continues! Three years ago today, I brought home two cats (by this time we had been living two years with NO cats, the last of the above-mentioned, Maggie, had died in the summer of 2007).  On August 1, 2009, I brought home Cali (aka Lady Kitty) and Tux (aka Bullet).  They are not from the same litter, but both were motherless, abandoned kittens that a friend raised but could not keep.  A third kitten, Newman (aka Hairball) would come three weeks later after a flea infestation was brought under control -- he also was from a separate mother.  So, three kittens joined our family, all at once, basically, and guess what?  There were no problems at all.  Everyone got along just fine.

Cali and Tux, in their crate, August 1, 2009

Newman, with a close shave, August 26, 2009

We find ourselves here, on the 20th anniversary of Passports, and the third anniversary of the cats joining our pack, contemplating adopting a third dog.  This would be something we've never done before.  Cooper (that's his name) is Charlie Brown's brother and littermate.  Cooper's leg has something wrong with it, and may need to be either operated on, or amputated.  We await that news today, on this important anniversary. It will not make any difference if he has 3 legs, or 4 -- that will not enter into our decision to adopt.  I must admit, I'm already getting a tad attached to the little bugger.

Cooper, on top of his litter mates... Charlie Brown is to his immediate left just beside his head.

Cooper, July 29, 2012 -- with 4 legs

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