Traveling Dog Lady: How do you spend your money on pet products?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How do you spend your money on pet products?

Are you a choosy, budget-conscious pet-parent, or do you buy the latest and trendiest items, when the mood strikes you, just to try them out?

I'm pleased to be included as a Pet Blogger Influencer with BlogPaws.  A bunch of us pet bloggers got together in January, and answered several surveys about how pet parents (like us!) spend their money on pet-related products and services.

Check out this nifty infographic the folks at BlogPaws came up with, based on the results of those surveys.

My favorite statistic is the largest circle at the top:  96% of pet parents (because we bloggers are also pet parents) would be willing to borrow money and/or go without [things] to help care for their pet(s).  I have always said that I would rather live under a bridge, with nothing, than to give up my pets -- and it appears a lot of others feel the same way!

The information I found second-most interesting was how much pet shopping is done online.  I honestly thought these numbers would be higher, but I guess I am an oddball because I much prefer to just click a few times and be done with it, and expect my shipment at home or at my office, in a few days' time.  Going to a store in person is just a big hassle.  First, I have to get dressed and drive 20-30 minutes (we live in "can't get there, from here" territory).  Where is that rewards card, anyway? Oh, you have to look up my phone number?  Gee, which of my seven phone numbers did I use when I signed up for that bonus card?  Sigh.  I'd much rather do all this online.

"Do you use any 'human' products?"  81% of us are apparently not very "green" -- we use paper towels!  And I'm one of them.  Hey, animals have accidents, often.  A roll of paper towels is a must-have.  But the other items (baby wipes, cotton swabs, tissues and toothbrushes) I do not use.  Maybe tissues once in a while.  Maybe a cotton swab once a year if a dog has a small wound or a cat has in infected ear.  

The rest of the infographic focuses on us bloggers -- Do we consider our blog a great resource for readers to use to purchase pet products?  How many times a week do you blog?  What is your reason for blogging?  Do you plan to monetize your blog?  Interestingly, most bloggers leaned towards a response of sharing info and the possibility of earning money as their motivators.  I monetized this blog recently, and while a drib or drab has come in, it's certainly not enough to pay the bills!  But, I work full-time in a completely unrelated profession, so I'm not spending a great deal of time trying to make money on blogging.  Maybe some day.  For now, admittedly, this is a hobby for me.  I'm enjoying writing as often as I can, and sharing upbeat and useful information, with (of course) lots of photos of my pets!

Just one more thing:  
When you buy a gift for your pet, do you wrap it?  54% of pet parents actually do!

Tune in for more survey results in April!


  1. Happy Saturday, it's so nice to meet you! I love your blog and the circle with the collar is awesome! Great idea. We use paper towels but I put them in the recycle bin so does that make it a bit greener? BOL!! Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

    1. Thanks for the feedback!! The logo photo is my dog, Hobie, when he was just 4 months old (he's now 14). And his little blue collar awwww! Yes, you are definitely much greener than us!!

  2. I'm with you! I shop online a LOT! It's just easier, if you ask me. But maybe I'm just lazy and prefer to look like a bag lady in my same ol' yoga pants and un-brushed hair. :)

    1. I think un-brushed hair and yoga pants are the crazy dog lady uniform!