Traveling Dog Lady: Infographic: Types of ticks throughout the United States

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Infographic: Types of ticks throughout the United States

This infographic was commissioned by Providing quality pet meds and supplies for all your pet needs.


  1. Tick-borne diseases are no joke! Sorry to hear about the diagnosis but glad that you caught it and treated it.

  2. Poor Charlie Brown - hope he's doing okay. I know what you mean about seeing (and feeling) the tics. We don't get them often here in SoCal - usually in the fall when it's wetter out. I have Labs and the are sooo easy to see on Jack (yellow) versus my other Labs, chocolate & black. Have had to remove many a tic in my day.

  3. Hobie is a yellow Lab mix, so yes, it's very easy to see them on him. Charlie and Cooper have a lot of white on them, and they're medium-brown so it's still easy to see the ticks on them, but not "as" easy. My previous two dogs were black, impossible to see ticks on them! ARGH!


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