Traveling Dog Lady: Then and now

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Then and now

As promised yesterday, here's a picture of Hobie at approximately 6 months of age, running on our dirt road:

Hobie on Oak Lane, 2001  How strong and confident.  He was always so "intense".  Look at the black muzzle!!

Here's the picture I took yesterday, on the exact same stretch of road (well, ok, within a few yards):

Hobie on Oak Lane, 2014.  Our beautiful senior dog.  How he has mellowed and matured.
Gray muzzle now, much softer eyes.   Love!


  1. Love comparing the two pics! Gorgeous throughout, but I love, love senior dogs so much. They're so wise and, like you said, mellow and mature.

    1. "He who used to run away" has become "the best dog on the planet". :)

  2. Oh, so sweet - love the 2-pic-comparison! Senior dogs rock!

    Thanks for the nice words on Pooch Smooches!


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