Traveling Dog Lady: #WordlessWednesday Remembering Timba

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#WordlessWednesday Remembering Timba

I wasn't able to post yesterday, which was the real anniversary of Timba's passing.

Timba was 18 years old when she left me 13 years ago, on May 20, 2001.
[Do the math!!  It was 31 years ago that I adopted Timba... when she was a little puppy!]

Timba at about 5 months old, in Princeton, Mass.
My former roommate owed me $800.  I said "Forget the money,
I want the the dog."  He went for it.  Best investment I ever made!

Timba at about 5 years old; and Yours Truly at about 28!

In the late 1980s on Oak Lane in Spencer.

Hobie was a little puppy when Timba died, and Timba was Hobie's "teacher".  He still does things today that he learned from Timba (we still live in the same house); and Hobie, in turn, is teaching The Twins the same tips and tricks!
Hobie, left, at 5 months old; Timba, right, about 17 years.  She showed Hobie the ropes, and bowed out a year later.

I cannot believe it's been 13 years, and now Hobie is the old, disabled dog.  
I hate even thinking about it.

Good ol' Timba, and "the first Charlie".... Charlie the cat.  All the cats and dogs have always gotten along.

Timba on Ballston Beach in Truro, Mass.

At the Boathouse in Truro.

At Thompson Pond, where we still live today.
Her favorite thing to do "fishin'" in Thompson Pond!

Timba was (sorry to all the others) the best dog in the whole world.  She was SO smart, SO well-behaved, and, above all, SO loyal.   I have tried to recapture that with her successors, but nobody will ever measure up to my memory of her.  She went to work with me almost every day of her life.   It was so great not having to leave my dog at home every day!

Probably one of the last pics taken of Timba... when SHE was having
trouble using the same set of stairs Hobie is now battling daily.

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  1. What happy memories you have of a wonderful dog. THis is a lovely memorial for a terrific looking dog!

    Harvey, Miranda, and Silver


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