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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dog Tales by Wayfair

Welcome to Dog Tales by Wayfair, a series that looks into Wayfair's favorite dogs and their favorite furnishings!  Bet you didn't know Wayfair sells pet furnishings (I didn't!).  Click on the drawings below to read about each dog.  What fun, thanks Wayfair for the opportunity to participate.*

Dog Tales Header
Gus: Dog Beds
Daisy: Dog Carriers
Liam: Dog Houses
A lazy pug who does not like to leave the comfort of his bed unless it is for food.
A Shih Tzu supermodel with her own line of designer dog carriers.
A WWII veteran German Shepherd who enjoys telling stories of his dangerous missions in the elite W.O.O.F. army squad.
Hans: Dog Ramps
Joey: Dog Crates
Ingrid: Barware
A Dachshund who has become well-known around the world for his craftsmanship of dog ramps and stairs.
A teenage bulldog who spent some time in the dog crate after a dog bone heist went wrong.
A St. Bernard you can find serving up signature cocktails to guests at her bar in the Swiss Alps.

*I did not get paid or compensated for posting this series for Wayfair, although I did sit up 'n' beg for a paying job, since they happen to be right here in Massachusetts!  Who knew?!  I found two typos in the data they sent me, and corrected them.  I know, I'm a freak.

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