Traveling Dog Lady: How to work on dog rescue apps with a cat on your keyboard

Saturday, March 25, 2017

How to work on dog rescue apps with a cat on your keyboard

This is what it's like to work on a computer when your Tuxedo cat likes to nurse on your sweatshirt!

I also talk about dog rescue, and how proud we in Massachusetts are of the fact that we have little to no animal overpopulation problem here, and our shelters are no-kill facilities.

As many of you know, I adopted Charlie Brown and Cooper from Great Dog Rescue of New England, a rescue agency that transports dogs from the southern states to New England. Southern states have a dog and cat over-population problem, and most of their shelters are high-kill facilities. Here in Massachusetts, and mainly New England, we are animal lovers and advocates, and we're very proud of our ability to save these poor creatures. In the south, there are some amazing people who go to great lengths and sacrifice to rescue dogs and cats from high-kill shelters. It is a lesson in grace, sacrifice and beauty to think of how hard these folks work, all volunteers, and all motivated only by the determination to save dogs and cats. They are true heroes. 

On Saturdays and Thursdays, I generally have about 12-15 dogs that I input into Great Dog's database. I have been a volunteer for Great Dog for just over a year. In addition to putting the transported dogs into the database, I also drive a dog, locally, on occasion. I love to drive, and I'm a database whiz, and a lot of people don't like either of those tasks, so I am happy to be able to help out the rescue in both of these ways. 

Crazy cat Tux on the keyboard!

When I'm trying to work on my computer, Tux gives me a hard time! LOL! He lays across my arms, or in between my hands and the keyboard, and basically won't let me type. He nurses on my sleeve of my sweatshirt and kneads my arm underneath the shirt sleeve. You should see my forearms, they are covered in cat claw marks! Ouch! But I love him, so I put up with it.

Cats Newman, Tux and Cali sitting on the back porch railing

Tux lost his kitty mother when he was an infant kitten. He was bottle fed by his rescuer, and later on I adopted him from her, along with his "siblings" Cali and Newman, who were also abandoned kittens who were bottled fed. From what I understand, they are NOT related, although they are the same age. When they were available for adoption, we had been cat-free for the first time ever (both of us always had cats ever since we could remember). So, I took the plunge and adopted all three of them! 

Cali and Tux, exiting their crate on the day they were adopted

Introducing the kittens to Hobie and Hector was a challenge, but we made it through. Tux, himself, trained Hobie that he (Tux) means business -- he actually drew blood! None of the other dogs have ever messed with Tux. He's the big boss of the brood. If you get a good look at Tux, you can see that he is much larger than Cali and Newman -- why? Because he steals all their food!

Living in a multi-pet household has its challenges, but I would never have it any other way. I literally do not know what I would do if it were not for Tux, Newman, Cali, Cooper and Charlie Brown -- and all my pets before them. I love my dogs and cats so much. 

So, grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and watch me and Tux play "kitty on the keyboard" together, while we learn a few things about dog rescue. 

Remarks? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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