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Monday, January 14, 2013

Dress Up Your Dog Day

Today, January 14th, was Dress Up Your Dog Day.

The closest we come to dressing up our dogs is when Hobie goes to the groomer and comes back with a bandana.  Here's a picture.  Ok, it's not the greatest!

I bought little mitten galoshes for their feet.  Nobody will wear them.  If I do manage to get them on, they either kick the mittens off, or pull them off with their teeth.  Oh, do behave!  

It was suggested somewhere that three-leggers, such as Cooper, should wear sweaters in the winter.
Considering he won't go outside when it's too, too cold anyway... not a problem!  No need for the sweater.

We've never been the type who dress up our dogs.  It looks like fun, but Jay Leno doesn't think so! LOL!

And then, there's this:  childhood friend's dog, Caesar, playing dress-up!

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