Traveling Dog Lady: It's an anniversary, Charlie Brown!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's an anniversary, Charlie Brown!

One year ago today, I drove up to the New Hampshire border, on a somewhat warm, sunny January day, and met a little puppy named Charlie Brown at the home where he and his litter mates had been fostered since Christmas.  Charlie Brown went home with me that afternoon.  The brood had been discovered in an abandoned house in Tennessee, with their mama dog, who was eventually named Kate.  Great Dog Rescue of New England dubbed them the Kate-Plus-Eight litter.

Charlie howled on the way home in the car, just like his predecessor, Hector did 10 years earlier (see Hector's story here)  Here are the first pictures I took of Charlie, after he eventually laid down and went to sleep in the back seat.  Awwwww!

We got Charlie Brown home and he met Hobie.  Here are some pictures of that.

I never realized how much black was in Charlie's coat!

Charlie Brown settled in, and we took a bunch more photos.  He immediately slipped through a space in the fence (smart little bugger) and we had to patch that up immediately the first night!  Then, he promptly swallowed something he should not have, barfed it up, and had me so worried that I slept on the couch with him that first night, with him in my arms, fearful he would die!  (Ok, so we were still a little shell-shocked from losing our beloved Hector just 5 months before.)  So much for establishing boundaries and making the pup not sleep with you on the first night!  

That's our Charlie Brown!  Look at the size of those PAWS!

Today, one year later, he's 14 months old, HUGE, and about to go for his annual check-up at the vet's this coming week.  That should be fun (not!) 


  1. Very cute! Happy Monday Mischief!

  2. Brought smiles and tears to my face. To make the decision to save a life is one of the most rewarding decisions we will ever make in a lifetime. Thank you for sharing!


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