Traveling Dog Lady: The Best Dog In The World, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Best Dog In The World, 2013

Happy birthday, Hobie.  Today, you are thirteen years old, and it hardly seems possible that I have known you this long.  You're the Millennium Dog, you know -- born in January of 2000, and you'll live on forever as the inspiration behind Millennium Dog Productions and  If it wasn't for you, I may not have started writing about you, and Hector, Charlie Brown, Cooper and Timba (and of course, the cats... the many, many, many cats).

Here you are, snoozing at work with me, just a few weeks ago

And here you are, at just 4 months old -- this is the photo we used for the k2k9 logo

How can there be more than one "best dog in the world"?  Timba was the best dog in the world.  Smart, beautiful, loyal nearly to a fault, a true best friend.  Hector-- he was the best dog in the whole, wide world.  Lovable, brilliant, strong, athletic, handsome and he had the sweetest heart of any creature I've known.  Then, there's you.  The best dog in the world.  Perceptive, a mind-reader, intelligent, friendly, gentle, angel-soft fur, and those beautiful eyes that stole a piece of my heart the second they met mine.  How lucky we have been to have the three best dogs in the world, and right now you are the one.  It's like a Best Dog In The World pageant, and you currently wear the crown.  After you, Charlie and Cooper will probably be best dogs in the world, some day.  Right now, they are double trouble!  I know they drive you nuts, and I am sad that I didn't get as much time one-on-one with you as we both would have liked.  I'm grateful to you for letting me indulge my neediness to have a pack of dogs.  I know it has not been easy for you.  Cooper loves you, though -- you've got a great friend in him.

My birthday wish for you, as you emBARK on your 13th year, is for less arthritis pain, more love and hugs, a comfortable place to snooze, and a warm sunny day.  A short walk up and down the Lane, and maybe even another r.i.d.e. like we took yesterday.  I'll bet there will even be a treat for you.  Maybe... STEAK!

I love you Hobie.  You, YOU are the Best Dog In The World.

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