Traveling Dog Lady: 5 Ingredients for Special Moments with My Dogs #RecipesForMoments

Saturday, February 1, 2014

5 Ingredients for Special Moments with My Dogs #RecipesForMoments

Dog lovers enjoy a special bond with their canine friends that is not easily explained to folks who have never lived with a dog.  In my experience, each of my dogs has a special bond with me that's unique to me and that individual pet, exclusively.   As part of BlogPaws #RecipesForMoments blog hop, here's our can't-be-beat recipe for bonding with your dog!

  1. Choose a dog, preferably 75 pounds or larger, with a photogenic face, lovely brown eyes, and black nose and mouth.  
    Was Hobie ever that little?! 
  2. Exercise said dog sufficiently so he or she is tuckered out.  A tired dog is a good dog.
    Hector and Hobie.on the bed at the Cape, when Hobie was pack leader LOL! (who else puts their feet on the other guy?!)

  3. Find a small sliver of the bed (or sofa) and insert yourself on, under, near, or up against one or more dogs. 
    How did all 3 of us fit on that loveseat!?
  4. Read, watch TV, play video games, surf the 'net, sleep, or just admire your dog.
    Mom, please stop taking selfies of us!
  5. Repeat as often as possible. 
    The next generation, on the same furniture!


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