Traveling Dog Lady: How To Put a Harness On a Dog

Friday, February 21, 2014

How To Put a Harness On a Dog

There have been a lot of questions going around online about how to put harnesses on dogs.

The folks at Kurgo Pet Products have provided two great infographics demonstrating "how to" for two different kinds of doggie harnesses.

My dogs don't seem to be bothered by one or the other, so either type works for us.  I will say that getting three-legged Cooper to use the step-in harness would be next to impossible, so for that reason we have never tried one of those on Coop.

First, here are instructions for an overhead harness:

For those who'd rather have their dog step into a harness, this is for you:

Kurgo Pet Products can be purchased at many, many locations including;, Pet Smart, Petco and of course from!

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