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Friday, February 7, 2014

Update on the Sturbridge dogs

I received Second Chance's email newsletter today, and they posted an update about the dogs who were abandoned in Sturbridge at Westville Lake.  Here is my original post, to refresh your memory.

And here's Second Chance's update:

We are very pleased to say that the female adult golden has put on nearly 10 pounds since her rescue!  The puppies are doing well.  The male golden is undergoing treatment for his skin issues and is doing well.  We are still working on appropriate names for all of them.  The puppies have all been spayed/neutered and are anticipated to go home this weekend to their new families.  The mom and dad have been cleared to be spayed/neutered and will hopefully go to their awaiting adoptive homes soon.  Thank you to everyone that has responded to help with these dogs!

And here is Second Chance's synopsis of the original occurrence:

It's hard to believe in this subzero cold that someone would do this, but they did. They left a family of retrievers in a wooded area. There are two adults and 3 puppies. The female adult is emaciated, the male adult is suffering hair loss and skin issues. The puppies are loaded with worms and ALL of them were loaded with fleas.

Luckily the police in Sturbridge got these dogs to safety and called Second Chance to help. Second Chance has taken these dogs in and provide emergency medical treatment to rid them of the flea infestation and worms. More treatments will be needed to help with the skin issues and sores, get them all spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and address any other medical concerns that are found.
The shelter already has homes ready to take these dogs once they are ready for adoption. This may be weeks for some of them because of the skin issues. The female adult will need time to put some weight on too.

Please help support the efforts of the shelter to get these dogs ready to go to their forever homes! It is very sad how someone could be so cruel as to leave these dogs out in a wooded park in these temperatures. The freezing temperatures and other dangers could have cost these dogs their lives. There is no excuse to abandon pets. All donations are tax deductible and every donation will be used for these dogs and for other pets as well. So many have come through our doors lately in tough shape. Thank you for your support!

For more info on Second Chance Animal Shelter, check out their web site

*I do not get anything for promoting Second Chance, I simply think they are a great organization, and they're local, and that is that!  I've never even adopted an animal from them, I just think they're cool!!

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