Traveling Dog Lady: Happy gotcha day, Hobie!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy gotcha day, Hobie!

Fourteen years ago today, a little dog was brought to my office at the travel company.  Our eyes met, and we fell hopelessly in love.  We went for our first walk, and I adopted him on the spot.  We went to Petco.

The receipt from our first visit to Petco!  "Pauline" Mueller???  LOL!
I brought him home and introduced him to Timba and the cats.  It was an unremarkable introduction; he just fit right in.

Hobie and Timba in the back yard!

Then, as today, Gil was out of the country on his annual trip, as he normally is in late May.  I remember picking him up at the airport a couple weeks later, and I brought Hobie with me.  The plane was late, so Hobie and I went up Route 1 to King's Beach in Lynn.  Our very first walk on the beach.  We met people on the boardwalk who stopped and said hello, asked how old he was, what kind of dog he was. I recall, I had to use the port-o-potty, and the only solution was to bring him inside that thing! I remember him sitting in the front seat of the car while we were driving, and when we stopped at a red light on The Lynnway, people were pointing and smiling.  He was so cute!  I remember going through Boston, and Hobie was alarmingly looking at all the people walking around -- he'd never seen so many people -- especially those walking on the overpass as we sat stuck in traffic.  Now, all these years later, every time I drive under that overpass, I remember Hobie watching the people walking!

When we went back to the airport, I brought Hobie into the parking lot so he could relieve himself.  He had never relieved himself on tarmac before, there was no grass or dirt anyplace, so.... he did not relieve himself!  He had no idea what to do!

So, Gil met Hobie in the car, at Logan Airport.  That's just how we roll!

Happy "gotcha day", Hobie!

Photos were taken May 30, 2000

Perrier bottle to show size perspective

So handsome!!!!

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