Traveling Dog Lady: #WordlessWednesday Look who used the stairs today (twice!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#WordlessWednesday Look who used the stairs today (twice!)

Pay no attention to our pee-ruined lawn!


  1. Hi! We are stopping over from the BlogPaws WW Blog Hop - we are your "neighbors" :) That's a cute photo. That must be Hobie? (We looked at your "Dogs" page so we could have some background on who was in the picture.) What a handsome man!

    Nice to meet you! --Delilah, Sampson, Sophie, Sassy, Caster, and Mom Emily

    1. Yes, that's Hobie. He's 14!! Having good days and bad days, today is a good day :) Neighbors... where are you?

  2. Well, I'm glad Hobie enjoyed a good day! We had a lab/rottie mix who had hip displacia and we had to carry him up and down the steps when he was older.
    I don't think there are many dog owners out there without pee-pee ruined yards. I know, mine doesn't look that great either! Happy Wordless Wednesday :)

  3. Oh, I didn't even notice the lawn (well, until you mentioned it...) :) Only have eyes for Hobie!! Hooray for using the stairs. May he use them many many many more times!


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