Traveling Dog Lady: 52 Snapshots of Life; Week 15; Blessings

Saturday, April 11, 2015

52 Snapshots of Life; Week 15; Blessings

This is hopefully the last of the bittersweet posts for a while.

It's three weeks since we lost our Gil, and I'm trying to find some semblance of "the new normal". After spending 30 years with someone, it's very strange making choices and decisions about everyday things, without consulting that person or taking their feelings and desires into consideration.

"Life goes on."  He would say, often.

To prove his point, last week, Gil's twin grandchildren were born.  Unfortunately, they didn't get to see their grandpa on this earth, but I believe they "met" in the cosmos between birth and death, if there is such a thing. He's watching over them, and us.

In the middle of all this grief and sadness and shock, the twins are more than a blessing.  They are a great gift.  A carrying-on.  The next generation.

Hopefully their parents won't mind me sharing these pictures for this week's 52 Snapshots of Life post, hosted by The Lazy Pitbull.

Without further ado, here are "my" youngest grandkids:

Big sis Lucy (ha ha I love that!) and her little brother, Drew!!


And for fun:  Gil (boy on far right) and HIS siblings, parents and grandparents!


  1. What true blessings ♥ I agree that your Gil kissed them and will be their special angel.

  2. Aren't reminders of when one door closes another opens the most beautiful blessing? It doesn't take away the pain, I know, but it helps with the hope that the heart ache will lessen.

    1. You are so right, so many doors opening. It's very bittersweet.

  3. A double blessing. Funny how when we lose someone special, someone new seems to come into our lives who is very special and you got a double.

  4. The twins are adorable.I am sorry Gil didn't get to see them, but I am sure he can from Heaven.

  5. Kathy, I am so very sorry about the loss of Gil. It hurts my heart that he didn't get to meet his grandchildren here on earth but like you, I have no doubt they met in passing, and he'll always be Lucy and Drew's guardian angel.

    1. Thank you, Christina. I always think my mom and brother are watching over me, and now Gil has joined them -- and they're watching over us all, especially those little ones.


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