Traveling Dog Lady: C is for Cats #AtoZChallenge

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

C is for Cats #AtoZChallenge

On day three of the April 2018 A to Z Challenge, the letter is C.

I wrote about Charlie and Cooper yesterday, and toyed with the idea of just doing that again (C is for Charlie Brown and Cooper), but no.... I'll write about my cats!!

My cats don't really get equal time anymore.

I was a crazy cat lady WAY before I became a crazy dog lady. At one time, we had 28 cats at our farm... 7 were mine, a few belonged at the farm, and about 18 were "rescued" from an old lady who had too many cats. Yes, there really was a woman I knew who had over 60 cats! In a house!!

Out of that batch of cats came our favorite cat: Mister Kitty. Renowned for his acting more like a dog than a cat, and being my dog, Timba's, most faithful companion. How we loved him. I still think about Mr. Kitty every single day. No exaggeration!

These days, we share our lives with Cali, Tux and Newman. Newman is the one who behaves most like Mr. Kitty -- he comes when I whistle, just like he's a dog. He leaps on the window screen in the middle of the night when he wants to come in, just like Mr. Kitty did. I often wonder if he's Mr. Kitty, reincarnated!

I love my cats so much. I don't talk about them as often as my dogs, but I don't know what I would do if I did not have the cats OR the dogs in my life. They are such a comfort. I love seeing my cats every morning as they perform their antics in an attempt to be fed "breakfast". And every night, I do a head count to make sure they're here and safe.

My cats are beautiful! They all have very unique markings, and I think that makes them so special. They are one-of-a-kind cats. All three of them!

The beautiful Cali-co!

Blurry, but cute! Newman.

Talk about whiskers! Tux. 


  1. Your cats are gorgeous! Mr. Kitty reminds me of my deceased Mr. Irish, who liked to head butt anyone for attention and pets. He didn't like being picked up or sitting on laps, but he'd put his head in your lap like a pup and want the attention.

  2. How cute!! Mr. Kitty also used to greet the cars when they pulled in the driveway, along with all the dogs! He truly acted like a dog more than a cat! lol!


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