Traveling Dog Lady: L is for Lady Kitty #AtoZChallenge

Friday, April 13, 2018

L is for Lady Kitty #AtoZChallenge

Continuing in the theme of yesterday's post for the letter "K", today's post is devoted exclusively to the only other female living in my house.... Lady Kitty!

Lady Kitty is Cali's nickname. G named her Lady Kitty, precisely for the reason mentioned above. She is the only female pet. The only other "lady" around here other than me! LOL

I sing a song to her all the time:  "Lady Kitty, She's so pretty, She's my Lady Kitty!"

I always say, "HI LADY KITTY!" whenever I see her. Even if I just saw her five minutes ago. I love her so much. She is SO beautiful, and just a lovely little friendly feline.

When I call her, I usually use her "real" name, Cali, and she usually comes running.... but not always.

Cali.....(I mean, Lady Kitty!) and Newman follow me on my dog walks. Tux does not participate. Don't worry, we live on a dead-end dirt road and there's no traffic. We walk up and down the dirt road, and the cats walk with us. They are so funny.


  1. Oh what a beauty indeed - and clearly worthy of being sung to whenever she comes into view! How fun you have joint dog and cat walks.

  2. Her eyes are breathtaking! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy the nice weather. Thanks for the share. Happy Monday!
    World of Animals

  3. The weekend weather was great, and it was my birthday, so yes it was wonderful! Cali is a special girl, and those eyes!

  4. Adorable Lady Kitty post! Thanks for sharing this. Brought a smile to my face.

    Thanks for being part of the A to Z Challenge.

    1. I’m glad to have brightened your day 😁😁🐈🐈🐈


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