Traveling Dog Lady: E is for Ears and Eyes #AtoZChallenge

Thursday, April 5, 2018

E is for Ears and Eyes #AtoZChallenge

All my pets have the most beautiful eyes and ears. I think I need a t-shirt with that slogan! Like the one I have that says "All my children have paws"; or the other one that says, "Dogs are the only relatives you choose."

But seriously, my dogs have the most incredible eyes. All of them look like they are wearing eyeliner! My mom said that about the late, great, Hobie, and it's true. It was those eyes that made me fall in love with him at first sight.

The beautiful Hobie. Those eyes!

And then there are the ears. Cali the cat has the coolest ears. They are this gorgeous amber color. She is just so pretty. Cali's nickname is Lady Kitty, and sometimes I sing to her "Lady Kitty! Lady Kitty! She's so pretty! My la-teeeee-kitty!"

Cali's amber ears!

Petey, the newest pack member has ears like The Flying Nun's headpiece. I'm showing my age making reference to this 1960s TV show, that for some peculiar reason is NOT shown in re-runs, ever, at all. Weird, right?

Flying NUN? Really, Mom?!

I digress. Cooper's ears are starting to get flecks of white fur throughout. It makes me sad. He is only six, but he seems to be showing age (graying) faster than his twin brother, Charlie.

Cooper, how'd you get your ear to do that?

Charlie's ears are so soft, and he's got those eyeliner eyes. He is just so handsome!

Newman and Tux both have eyes full of love, and ears full of mites (I am kidding!!).

Tux is all eyes and ears in this photo

Gorgeous Newman 


  1. i love it! when i first got cilla her ears were bent to one side and now they are little radar turning as she watches tv or hears things outside.

  2. HAAAhahaha That must be so cute!! I laugh at Petey's ears, especially, but also the others. It's fascinating to watch how their ears function. They can hear the slightest things.


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