Traveling Dog Lady: February is adopt a black shelter pet month #WordlessWednesday

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February is adopt a black shelter pet month #WordlessWednesday

In honor of adopt a black shelter pet month, here are pics of my black pets for #WordlessWednesday.

I didn't realize how many black pets I've had until I started doing this post!!

Adopt a black pet -- you won't be disappointed!

Fritz. Our family dog when I was a kid.

Caesar.  Smartest dog EVER.  (sorry guys)

Timba.  Lounging at the Boathouse. She gets the most loyal award.

Slippers (aka Hendrix). Cat of my teenage years.
That's my teenage bedroom LOL!

Ratsky. On top of my 1974 Ford Galaxy 500.  Va-room!

Love Kitty. My sobriety cat.  I got her from some AA friends.
She was chased by a neighborhood dog, hit by a car,  and killed on June 21, 1998.
This photo was taken at Long View Farm. 

Bonus picture of Timba when she was a puppy, playing with cat Idgy in the back yard.
Just because it's so cute!

No-Name. We bonded on a vacation in West Virginia.
I wish I could have taken him home.

Hector.  We still grieve for him every day. 

Mr. Kitty.  Best cat EVER.  (sorry guys)
I still think of him every day and he's been dead for almost 15 years!

Tux (aka Bullet).  Still here and goin' strong!
Snoozing in the basket on my desk as I type this!


  1. Love the his-dogram of all your past black pets. Never realized ourselves that we've had a pretty good mix of pets... right now two black chihuahuas - they're adorable. Thanks for this reminder. We've learned that black dogs and cats are least adopted in shelters.

  2. You've had so many black fur babies! That's great!

  3. His-dogram!! ha ha I never heard that before!!

    I know, I didn't realize I had so many until I started looking for pictures!

  4. Tuxedo cats are the cutest!!! Happy Wordless Wednesday!!


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